Our Knowledge

  • Our focus on the seafood industry has enabled us to deliver extensive experience and education to our customers in the seafood industry in different market.

  • IP offers a comprehensive range of products and services as we are experts in sourcing unique products and solutions for our clients.

  • Additional services provided by IP include:

    • Custom packaging and labeling

    • Regulatory expertise and assistance

    • Quality documentation

    • Laboratory testing and analysis

About IP Products


For the past 15 years, we at IP Products have made our mark on the seafood industry and we continue to expand our business globally with our products and services. We are experts in the food additives sector, specifically for seafood production as well as in varied technology related to the processing industry.  Our clientele all over the world has processed millions of tons of seafood products using our superb additives. 


In addition to our work in the seafood sector, IP Products has been selling its brand of commercial safety products, Strongwear, for the past 8 years.  Our nitrile disposable gloves and NBR Super Grip Series of nitrile gloves are highly sought after by many industries.


IP Products gathered a team of global experts to create its latest innovative product and brand - IP Containers. Our customers have asked us for this product and we are finally delivering!!  Our team of experts has designed and produced a superior, multifunctional container that offers cold chain supply solutions for a variety of industries. 


We continue to work extensively as direct manufacturers for suppliers and large food processing companies as well other customers all over the world.


Our Commitment


  • Our strong commitment to our customers allows our team of dedicated specialists to overcome challenges and deliver successful solutions to our clients. Our expertise in the food processing industry extends beyond market knowledge, market diversity and evolving industry trends.

  • Our best-business practices mean superior technology and strong supplier relationships, supported by global stocking locations. Our core values and business philosophy foster trust as we continue to build strong partnerships, client confidence and success.